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Privacy Law

New York Privacy Law Attorney

Helping Businesses Maintain Compliance with Privacy and Security Regulations

When you handle sensitive client or consumer data in the course of doing business, you have a legal obligation to carefully handle, store, share, and destroy the confidential information in accordance with relevant laws. Regulations surrounding the collection and protection of private information, the sale of private information and the data rights of consumers, as well as other cyber laws are constantly shifting and evolving as the Internet continues to become more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, which can make remaining compliant a challenge.

Avoiding data privacy problems is essential to maintaining trust with your customers, employees, clients, vendors, and any other third parties that regularly conduct transactions with your business. Failure to protect confidential personal information to the level that is legally required can also subject your business to regulatory inquiries and litigation, so it is essential that you take every step necessary to ensure your enterprise is fulfilling its data privacy obligations.

Our New York privacy law lawyer at Giblin Law PLLC can evaluate your business’s current compliance with data privacy and security regulations, and work with you to implement any necessary changes to ensure continued fulfillment of your responsibilities. We can also help you start from scratch, identifying the data that you collect and maintain, evaluating how you protect, use and share that data, and drafting a comprehensive data collection and retention policy to meet your business’s and legal needs. Our firm is familiar with the privacy laws relevant to data collection and protection. We stay appraised of all changing legislation and can advise on how new or shifting requirements might impact your operations.

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Our Privacy Legal Services

Privacy laws apply to just about every interaction a consumer makes when interacting with your business. In fact, if your company operates a consumer-facing website, you likely have certain obligations when directly or indirectly handling the data of any online visitor. Privacy law can also apply to employees, vendors, and other third parties with which you conduct transactions.

Our New York privacy law attorney can help your business with many areas of privacy law, including:

  • Website agreements and policies, terms of use, and terms of service. To protect yourself from legal headaches, it is crucial that you define and publicize the terms of using your website and its services. We can help review any existing terminology or develop terms of service from scratch.
  • Data collection disclosures. If interacting with your business’s website or other forms of digital operation require the submittal of personal information, including any data that is considered to be personally identifiable data (i.e. one’s date of birth, gender, ethnicity, name, address, and/or payment information, etc.), you must take special care to ensure the data is properly collected, secured, shared and managed. You may also have obligations to educate your customers on why the data is being collected, how it will be used and the methods available for its complete destruction or the customers “right to be forgotten.” If your website employs the use of “cookies” or other forms of data gathering, you will also likely need to alert consumers to the practice and give them the choice to opt out in instances where the law requires this option. We can help you determine which obligations apply to your business and help you draft effective notifications that help you to remain compliant.
  • E-commerce transactions. When consumers facilitate purchases and other monetary transactions through a business’s digital service, the company must take steps to ensure protection of that information and avoid breaches that result in stolen financial data or identity theft. There are numerous cyber laws regulating the level of security protecting online payments and transactions. We can help you determine and navigate your compliance obligations.
  • Ongoing security and privacy legal support. Federal, state, and local laws governing Internet privacy and security are constantly changing as attitudes and new Internet tools emerge. Our firm is available for outside general counsel services and can proactively advise you on the substance of the new laws, help to legally prepare for potential necessary changes to your operations and address any resulting legal issues.

We Can Work To Keep You Complaint

Our New York privacy law lawyer at Giblin Law PLLC has the knowledge and experience to help you understand your business’s legal obligations when managing sensitive and confidential data. No matter the size or type of your company, we can assess your data policies to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and flag potential issues before they become public-facing problems. Our attorney is empathetic to the confusion that constantly changing privacy laws can bring to businesses and is prepared to help you cut through the noise and identify clear solutions that will keep your company legally protected.

To see how our firm can help your business with privacy law, schedule a free consultation by calling (212) 577-9313 or contact us online.

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