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Outside General Counsel Services

Outside General Counsel Services in New York

Available To Help Your Business Navigate Cyber and Privacy Law

Cyber law can be overwhelming. Numerous government agencies at the local, state, and federal level enforce strict requirements on how your business must conduct itself online, especially if it handles any confidential consumer data. You also may not be familiar with your cybersecurity obligations, your potential cyber liabilities (and how to identify and manage them), or how to adequately prepare to respond to a cyber incident should one occur.

The truth is that cyber law is constantly evolving and growing as the Internet continues to develop, shift, and metastasize. Changing consumer and government attitudes have led to tighter regulations governing how businesses conduct themselves online. Much like the Internet itself, though, cyber and privacy law can often move so fast that businesses can struggle to keep up.

Giblin Law PLLC offers outside general counsel services to businesses throughout New York. We can be brought on to advise businesses on numerous aspects of cyber and privacy law, including consequences of new and emerging legislation and case law, the compliance status of a business’s online security measures, and contractual terms of service for a new website. Our attorney has an extensive knowledge of all corners of cyber law and can leverage her experience to help your business in this complex legal area.

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How Our Cyber Law Services Can Help Your Business

Our firm focuses its practice on the finer points of cyber and privacy law, meaning we have a complete working knowledge of how to effectively assess risk, interpret legal language, and plan for potential liability. We can offer our full suite of legal services or provide targeted assistance specific to your case-by-case needs.

Our New York outside general counsel services can assist your business with numerous areas of cyber and privacy law, including:

  • General risk assessment for cybersecurity breach response. We can perform a thorough review of your company’s cybersecurity incident response plan and help to identify gaps or draft necessary changes. We can help determine if your security meets compliance needs, especially for systems managing confidential data, and identify potential vulnerabilities. Our risk assessment services can include recommendations for new policies and response plans that will better prepare your business to respond to the aftermath of a cybersecurity incident and any resulting litigation.
  • Privacy compliance evaluation. One of the most heavily regulated elements of any business today is consumer privacy. Everything from voluntarily inputted user data to website traffic information must be carefully collected and handled to remain in compliance with the law. We can advise on the legality of your company’s data collection and retention policies and help to create the same if you do not have such policies in place. We can also evaluate your website’s terms and conditions, and your business privacy policy to ensure compliance with all relevant laws.
  • Insurance legal liability gap analysis. We can evaluate your overall insurance program from a legal perspective identifying any potential legal liability gaps. We can also advise on the wording for additional insured language for your vendors and partners and help to advise your risk management team of how to maintain the best possible risk transfer policies.
  • Contractual services. Almost every contract that your business will enter will have some element of cyber or privacy liability inherent in the terms. We can help you to identify and address these issues in your contracts, especially those with third-party vendors which in most cases leave you open to cyber liability. Additionally, we can review and update, or draft from scratch, your website or digital space’s terms of use/service or privacy policy. We are available to help draft and review all contractual documentation related to your cyber and privacy legal liability and can help put you in the best possible position to deal with any disputes involving the same. .
  • Corporate training. As cyber incidents become more common, the legal and practical concerns can become more complex. We can educate your team on the more common scams, what laws they need to comply with and how to minimize the legal damage if your business is the victim of a cyber incident.

Practical Cyber Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Giblin Law PLLC draws upon its experience in the public and private sectors to provide a full range of cyber-focused legal services. We are committed to helping businesses navigate complex areas of cyber law. Our general counsel services in New York can be tailored to suit the extent of your business’s needs. Whether you need general legal risk assessment or assistance responding to a specific legal issue, our lawyer can help you explore sensible and practical solutions that will best serve your interests.

Our firm is ready to partner with your business in all areas of cyber law. Schedule a free consultation by calling (212) 577-9313 or contacting us online to get started.

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