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Legal Corporate Training Services

New York Legal Corporate Training Services

Helping Educate and Prepare Your Workforce for Cyber Legal Issues

Your business’s cybersecurity compliance measures are only as effective as their weakest link. No matter what exhaustive data protection measures you have implemented, if your team does not know what they need to do, or more importantly why they need to do it, your compliance program can fail before it is even implemented. Additionally, you may have other legal issues you want to train your team on, such as best practices to avoid common lawsuits you are involved in, or nuanced laws that are specific to your business that your team needs to be well versed in.

Giblin Law PLLC is proud to offer New York legal corporate training services to assist with the running of your business. Our attorney is well-versed in new and emerging cyber and privacy law and can custom tailor a program on the relevant legal issues to help train your team. We are available to lead targeted seminars for individual teams or companywide education efforts.

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How We Can Educate Your Workforce

Most companies have great policies in place but can fail when it comes to implementation. Many times, this can be because the employees did not know or understand the policies in place, or even know how to put those plans into action. This can happen in the cyber space very often as the threats and best practices to avoid them are constantly changing.

Our training services can be as broad or as focused as necessary. We are also available to perform a full risk assessment of your current company strategies and policies related to data privacy and security to identify potential areas of legal vulnerability, which can then become the emphasis of our training. Your business can suffer and be liable for the ignorance of your team. We approach every legal training from a plain language point of view. We can take very complicated legal subjects and break them down into an easy-to-understand presentation. We can also create education materials specific to your business and company to use for new employees or as a refresher for those already trained.

Our New York legal corporate training services can help prepare your workforce for:

  • Collection and Maintenance of Data. Having a data policy is great, but if your employees do not know what it is or how to properly adhere to it, it is useless. We can explain the laws mandating compliance, go over your specific policies and best practices for compliance. We can even create educational training materials to use for reminders or new employees.
  • Responding to Consumers Privacy Requests. Inherent in many new privacy laws is the requirement that your business sufficiently responds to a consumer request regarding their personal information and how you handle it. We can train your team on how to make these responses compliant with relevant laws and explain why they need to be mindful of these interactions.
  • Adhering to and Activating your Cyber Incident Response Plan. It is extremely important that all members of your team are aware of and knows how to implement your cyber incident response plan. Different employees will need different information in order to make the implementation effective and we can offer tailored training to explain the plan and walk through the team's roles if it needs to be put into action.
  • Compliance with New Laws. When a complicated new law suddenly requires new compliance obligations, we can come in and explain it all to your organization. We can tailor different programs for different levels of your employees and advise your top executives on how this new obligation could impact the company’s overall compliance program.
  • Compliance with Existing Law. Have you recently learned that you are falling short of compliance obligations and are not sure how to fix it? It could be as simple as effective legal training to educate your employees on their obligations, and the company’s obligations, to ensure that your entire organization is aware of and adhering to your compliance program.
  • General Legal Training. Have a unique need for legal education, we can work with you to design a custom presentation or training for your business or team and ensure that the legal concepts and requirements are conveyed in an easy-to-understand format.
  • General Cyber Law Training. Companies with effective cybersecurity measures tend to have many different policies in place and may not always be aware of employees who do not understand or adhere to these policies. We can design a program to educate your team on general cybersecurity issues, relevant legal obligations and how to practice common sense cyber hygiene (i.e., effective passwords, smishing scams, phishing scams, reporting clicking on a bad email link, etc.). We can also do a specific training on your company’s specific policies, noting the direct actions that employees need to take to be compliant and explaining consequences for their failure to adhere.

Helping Your Company Avoid Unnecessary Risk

Our goal at Giblin Law PLLC is not to talk down to your workforce or act like they know nothing about the law. We understand that many employees are extremely digitally and legally literate and have been effectively supporting your company’s compliance and legal obligations. Our New York legal corporate training services are adaptable to the needs of your company and knowledge level of your workforce. We can help train your employees using practical examples and easy to understand concepts that will educate them on the legal issues your company faces and the role they play in ensuring compliance. Our team can also work directly with your leadership team to address any sensitive or onerous compliance obligations and/or cyber and privacy concerns, and tailor a higher-level training for your C-Suite.

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