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Silent Cyber Coverage: The Loudest Part of a Non-Cyber Insurance Policy

Giblin Law PLLC will take part in a webinar focused on Silent Cyber coverage beginning at 1 p.m. EST on June 28.

Silent Cyber Coverage: The Loudest Part of a Non-Cyber Insurance Policy will explore and discuss the recent mandate from the New York State Department of Financial Services that requires insurers to manage and eliminate their exposure to silent cyber coverage.

The expert panel of cyber professionals will discuss many aspects of this issue, including including defining what silent cyber coverage is, providing an overview of the new directive, and discussing the changing regulatory landscape.

The panelist will also explore how these issues play out in the real world by discussing what insureds are worried about, how prevalent silent cyber exposures are becoming, and provide an explanation of the ways silent cyber coverage manifests itself, including a discussion of some real-world examples.

The speaker panel will include the following:

  • Annmarie Giblin, Principal, Giblin Law PLLC
  • David Krause, Director of Strategic Client Services, Tetra Defense
  • Linda Comerford, Senior Cyber Claims Analyst, Rockville Risk Management Associates
  • Richard Savage, Director of Complex Claims, Rockville Risk Management Associates

For more information about how to register for this event, please see registration information below.